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Patients have long sought a way to augment their lips while maintaining a natural look. Volbella, a clear gel, effectively adds size while seamlessly defining shape and contour. With it, physicians can transform lips that have lost plumpness to aging.

Volbella is an injectable filler that’s manufactured by Allergan as part of their Juvéderm line. It adds volume to lips and smooths lines around the mouth. Its main ingredient is hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally-occurring solution.

Juvéderm gel fillers have been developed and manufactured for decades. Volbella is a relatively recent innovation that uses well-understood technology. The product is FDA-approved and regulated.

Cosmetic injections are medical procedures. They require skill and artistry to optimize each patient’s natural appearance. It is critical that you are treated by an experienced and board-certified physician.

Learning about Volbella and the procedure will best equip you for a consultation. Proper evaluation is necessary to determine if you would benefit from injections and if you’re a good candidate for them.

What is Juvéderm Volbella?

What is Juvéderm Volbella?

Juvéderm Volbella is a cosmetic injectable filler approved for use in the lips. It provides a quicker and longer-lasting effect than traditional collagen fillers. It is also injected around the mouth to reduce or eliminate the appearance of fine lines, lip lines, smoker’s lines, vertical lip lines, and perioral lines. It can also be used for enhancement puirposes.

The lips and skin around the mouth are particularly sensitive. Volbella is composed of smaller particles than other fillers that contain HA, making it less invasive. As a result, it is more effective at achieving subtle and natural-looking results. That’s why many dermatology patients are opting for Volbella over Botox and other forms of plastic surgery.

It also gives your doctor more versatility. Augmenting the dose enables them to delicately plump lips and fill fine lines. Doctors now have a level of precision that accounts for individual needs.

How Does Volbella Work?

Full lips and youthful skin require healthy and hydrated tissue. Our skin rests on a framework of fat, tissue and muscle. Wrinkles and loss of volume occur at a deeper level, as the underlying tissue breaks down.

That’s why, eventually, topical creams and cosmetics are not enough to combat the signs of aging. Once injected, Volbella takes the place of the lost anatomical structure, replacing the foundation needed for full lips and smooth skin.

Volbella is an outpatient procedure. Your doctor will evaluate you to make sure you’re an appropriate candidate. They will then mark the injection site with removable ink. Finally, the filler is injected into your lips or around your mouth.

The HA in Volbella binds to water. When the particles in the filler attach, they create larger particles that restore volume to the lips and adequately support the skin.

Volbella should always be administered by an experienced and licensed doctor since it’s a medical procedure. Physicians are specially trained to inject fillers without disturbing blood vessels or facial nerves.

The lips and area surrounding the mouth are sensitive but generally heal quickly. Following the procedure, you should not use lipstick or other lip products. Ice may control any post-injection swelling.

Cosmetic Benefits

The cells in the lips and around the mouth tend to rapidly die and replace themselves. This makes them especially vulnerable to signs of aging as cell division slows. They can be especially susceptible to environmental factors like sun exposure and wind.

Volbella is so effective because it is specially designed to address this unique part of our anatomy. An experienced physician can use Volbella to address subtle nuances and age-related changes in this sensitive part of our anatomy.

It effectively addresses the points at the corners of the mouth where lips turn down, lines that spread from the corners of the mouth down the chin, and vertical lines that move up and down the face from the lips.

Doctors can also accentuate lip definition, shape the lip contours, and fill out lip volume lost to aging with Volbella. The filler also lasts up to a year, eliminating the need for frequent follow-ups to maintain your appearance.

In addition, Volbella’s effects are virtually immediate. Once the mild side effects from the injection wear off, your lips will appear fuller. Unlike more invasive procedures, you can return to your normal activities immediately because there is no downtime.

Side Effects

Side effects are generally mild with Volbella. Still, swelling, bruising, tenderness, redness, discomfort, and itching are all possible post-injection. Fortunately, these common side effects are all usually temporary and subside within a few days.

More serious side effects are less likely but possible. They include:

Contact your physician immediately or seek medical treatment if you develop a fever or suffer extreme swelling.

If you have fillers injected at a salon or non-medical spa, the risk of potentially harmful side effects increases exponentially. Only licensed physicians have the skill and experience to effectively and safely provide Volbella injections.

Cosmetic fillers require a proper medical evaluation to rule out any possible interactions, susceptibility to side effects, or pre-existing conditions that may make you a poor candidate for Volbella.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your location and physician’s experience will determine the pricing of Volbella for you, but it is generally $600 per injection. Patients typically require two injections, but that number varies based on the injection site and the extent of the volume loss.

Health insurance does not cover the cost of Volbella because it is an elective procedure. Talk to you physician about setting up a payment plan that aligns with your treatment plan if you feel it’s necessary.

Volbella is safe. The injectable gel is regulated and approved by the FDA. The only time Volbella can be unsafe is if you receive injections at a salon or non-medical spa. Non-medical providers cannot purchase Volbella, so their fillers are unregulated.

You should only seek injectable treatment from physicians with experience injecting Juvederm Volbella. This ensures they’ve refined their technique to achieve the optimal shape and appearance of your lips.

Generally, anyone over 21 years old can receive Volbella lip injections. The following conditions preclude patients from treatment:

  • A history of severe allergies with resulting whole-body reactions or anaphylaxis
  • Multiple concurrent severe allergies
  • Allergies to gram-positive bacterial proteins
  • Lidocaine allergy

The procedure uses a very fine needle due to the delicate nature of the lips and surrounding tissue. Volbella contains a small dose of lidocaine, a widely-used anesthetic. Some providers may apply a numbing cream to the treatment area as well.

If you’ve ever had stitches, lidocaine was probably used to numb the laceration. Discomfort is common during the injection but usually fades as the lidocaine takes effect.

Recovery is quick. though there may be swelling and mild discomfort following the procedure. You can manage this with ice. Generally, the results will be apparent immediately. Patients usually return to work and daily activities right after your Volbella treatment.

Generally, Volbella lasts for one year. Your anatomy and the size of the dose will ultimately determine how long the fillers are effective. You’ll need follow-up injections once the filler wears off to maintain the new appearance of your lips.


Volbella is a revolutionary dermal filler that plumps lips and smooths fine lines around the mouth. It’s composed of a naturally-occurring solution and is completely safe. However, you must consult with your healthcare provider to be sure Volbella can meet your specific needs.

Treatment with Volbella offers a straightforward solution to problem areas that were previously treated with invasive and costly procedures. It fills the role of your tissue that breaks down due to age, creating a natural and youthful appearance for skin and lips.