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Houseplant is Seth Rogen’s New Cannabis Company

Houseplant is Seth Rogen’s New Cannabis Company

It wasn’t long ago that the only packaging you got your cannabis in was a zip lock bag. Fast forward ten years later, and thirty-six states that have legalized medical or adult-use marijuana. Now, not only can we visit a dispensary to get quality cannabis, there are new celebrity brands. There is more to Houseplant by Seth Rogen than cool designer packaging.

Seth Rogen is the latest mega-star celebrity to venture into the cannabis industry. Rogen has established himself as the least likely Hollywood leading man. His characters in every movie have three things in common; his affable sense of humor, down-to-earth personality, and love of weed.

So, it is not surprising to see Seth Rogen throw his bong into the commercial ring. The actor has built that reputation as one of the best-recognized pop culture high-functioning potheads. Rogen is a good guy and relatable in movies like “Knocked Up” and “Pineapple Express.” He has starred in many movies and produced films like “The 40-Year Old Virgin”.

Although, we’re still trying to figure out how you flame a bong with the lighter. Tricky. But doable. Designed mostly for joints or pre-rolls, we suspect. The products and the strains are truly cerebral from reviews so far. And the website for Houseplants is trippy too.

A unique and highly creative marketing approach. Again, not inconsistent with Rogen’s creative genius. There are even soundtracks you can buy to go with the Sativa or Indica blends. Because for Houseplant, cannabis is ritualized enjoyment.

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