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How to Cover Lip Filler Bruises

How to Cover Lip Filler Bruises


Did you know that a lip filler injection can cause a bruise?

If this happens to you, don’t panic. It is not uncommon and it will go away on its own in time. In the meantime, there are ways to cover up your bruised lips with makeup or other tricks! Keep reading for more information.

What Are Lip Filler Bruises?

A lip filler injection is when a doctor injects Juvederm into your lips to plump them up and make them fuller. This procedure can be done by itself or in combination with another treatment such as collagen injections or laser treatments. If the doctor uses too much pressure during an injection, a blood vessel may rupture and bruising will occur at the site.

How Long Do Lip Filler Bruises Last?

Lip filler bruises usually resolve in about two weeks. However, it can sometimes take up to three months for them to fade completely. If your lips are still bruised after this time, you might want to go back and have the procedure done again by a new doctor or in a different way.

How to Treat Them

The first step is to wait out the bruise. This can take anywhere from two days to two weeks.  It’s important, however, to consult with your doctor if you have any signs of infection.

In addition, make sure to keep the area as clean as possible by gently cleansing twice a day with mild soap and warm water.

The second step is making sure that you wear hats or protective headgear when exposed to the sun until the wound has healed completely.

If there are any open wounds or scabs, carefully dab a topical antibiotic ointment on it until it heals.  Antibiotic ointments last for up to 12 hours and will continue working to heal the wound after that time period.

Gently pat dry.  If you are experiencing excessive pain, swelling or bleeding, make sure to contact your dermatologist.

Wear sunscreen with SPF 30 daily on the lips and around the mouth if you’re going outside.

Wear sunglasses that offer UV protection.  UV rays can be especially harmful for people who have just had lip filler injections.

Take over-the-counter painkillers to ease any discomfort you are experiencing.  Examples of these include Tylenol, Advil, and Ibuprofen.

How to Cover Them With Makeup

Another option is covering your bruises with makeup. To do so, follow these steps:

-Apply a matte lipstick in the same color as your skin tone.

-Apply a shimmery gold or pink eye shadow all over the lips.

-Finish off with a light application of brown eyeshadow to add definition and shape to the lips.


If you suffer from a lip filler bruise, don’t panic. Bruises fade on their own in time and it is not uncommon to experience them after having this procedure done. In the meantime, there are ways to cover up your bruised lips with makeup or other tricks! Don’t forget to refer back to this article for a refresher on how to deal with lip filler bruises!

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