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When Does Lip Filler Swelling Go Down?

When Does Lip Filler Swelling Go Down?


Lip filler is a cosmetic treatment that involves injecting hyaluronic acid based gel into the lips to make them fuller. It lasts for 6-12 months with minor side effects, such as bruising and swelling. This article discusses when lip filler swelling goes down.

We will also provide you with some helpful tips on how to minimize the discomfort of injection site reactions, including infection risk reduction practices and what to do if an allergic reaction occurs. Finally, we’ll offer information about your risks prior to undergoing this procedure.

Lip Fillers Enhance the Shape of Your Lips

Lip fillers are a great way to enhance the shape of your lips. You can use them to give your lips a fuller appearance, or you can use them to correct the shape of your lips. Some people may be born with thin lips, but others may have naturally deepened edges on their lip line. These are things that lip fillers can help with, by making the lips look plumper and form a more even edge.


Swelling is most common when you first get lip injections, but it should go away after a few days.

Worsening Swelling

If your swelling does not go down or gets worse, contact your doctor as soon as possible. They may need to dissolve the filler or do something else to fix the problem.

Lidocaine Pain

You may also experience some pain in the areas that were injected with lidocaine for numbing during the procedure. There are several ways to reduce this pain, which you can speak to your doctor about.

However, if your pain becomes severe or lasting, ask your doctor to switch you to a different medication.


In rare cases, complications such as an infection or allergic reaction can occur which will need treatment from a medical professional immediately. If you experience pain, swelling, redness, bruising, drainage, or excessive tenderness in the area where you got lip injections. Do not hesitate to contact your physician.

It is advised to wait a few days after getting lip injections before going swimming to prevent any injury from occurring while your body is healing from the procedure. Keeping your lips moisturized with oil-free products is also important during the healing process to prevent dry skin and peeling of the skin around your mouth. You may also notice that certain foods are starting to taste different because of how swollen your lips are at this point in time. But, fortunately, all of these side effects are temporary and should dissipate within a few days.


Make sure to keep track of how you’re feeling after getting lip injections and report any concerning symptoms to your physician. By following these simple steps and instructions, you can minimize the amount of swelling that occurs after getting lip fillers and ensure a smooth and quick recovery.

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